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Safety Record

Industrial Safety

At RES Contractors, safety is not just a goal, it’s our first priority. Our culture of safety comes from a conviction that has defined our entire way of doing business.

We firmly believe that every person working with us is entitled to a safe job site. We recognize our responsibility for the physical well-being of our employees—a responsibility that goes far beyond what is required by federal and state regulations.

We further recognize the vital role that effective accident prevention measures play in an efficiently run project. This can be seen from the high level company-wide processes to the specific job site procedures that ensure the safety of our people and yours.

Continual improvement of safety performance is the responsibility of RES’s Senior Management. Our managers and supervisors are responsible and accountable for the implementation of safe work procedures and maintenance of a job site free from hazards.

Support of this objective is a condition of employment. RES Contractors recognizes and rewards individual employees for exemplifying job site safety with zero personal injuries. We’re also being recognized by others: In 2017 we won the 1st Place Safety Excellence Award presented by the Greater Baton Rouge Industry Alliance.

Our clients and partners value our record of safety—and so do we.

In fact, RES has instituted a comprehensive safety program that incorporates policies, procedures and training for the safe delivery of all our services. RES Contractors Safety Orientation was developed for employees working with us. It provides an overview of employment policies and safety guidelines.

Topics include:

  • Personal safety
  • General safety
  • Hazard communication
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Hand & power tools
  • Electrical safety
  • Fall prevention & elevated work
  • Scaffold user safety
  • Hot work
  • Line breaking
  • Forklift safety
  • Cranes & rigging
  • Emergencies
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