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Turnaround Services

Reduce Risk and Increase Profit

Safe and successful turnarounds start with RES. When it’s time to shut down a unit or units for routine maintenance work or for capital projects, RES Contractors is ready to assist you. Our turnaround services for utility, refinery and other industrial plants vary from a single unit to multi-unit shutdowns. Regardless of the scope of your project, we’ll keep the scale and direct business impact of your project in clear focus.

Whether driven by regulatory compliance, new business opportunity or capital projects/improvements, our experienced experts understand successful turnarounds. From work list development and estimating, detailed work package development to project completion, clear communication and responsive decision-making drives the process.

RES minimizes shutdown/turnaround time frames through:

  • Becoming part of an integrated team with all TAR participants
  • Alignment with the team on work package contents and turnover requirements
  • Alignment with stakeholders on access, material staging and sequencing of activities to avoid downtime
  • Planning quality and safety into the work packages in advance
  • Detailed resource planning and scheduling-P6 resource loaded schedules with definitive estimates as basis
  • Progress tracking systems to the level of detail required to suit the project
  • Proven and experienced supervision
  • Having the appropriate tools and equipment on hand to support the scope of work
  • Large contingent of local craft minimizes travel and per diem cost

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